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Spiecapag has completed some of the most challenging pipeline construction projects in the world, and these have been achieved by continually pushing the boundaries of construction techniques through innovative design and systematic construction techniques. We maintain fleets of specialised equipment, specifically designed to safely build pipelines in some of the most challenging environments on earth.

Services we offer

  • Onshore pipelines and associated facilities for the energy, resources and utilities sectors
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) trenchless installation
  • Pipeline repairs
  • Procurement and logistics to regional and remote sites
  • Design, routing and constructibility studies.

What our clients have said

”Spiecapag delivered an area of the upstream infrastructure without a single safety incident, overcoming various challenges in a complex project environment. Spiecapag repeatedly demonstrated their experience as an expert pipeline constructor, with strong local management and safety processes, working alongside other contractors.”
                                                                                                                                                              Andrew Down, Project Manager – Trunklines, QCLNG Project for BG Group/Shell

“Jemena found Spiecapag Australia to be experienced and skillful in the delivery of the works, particularly in light of the mountainous and challenging terrain. They worked co-operatively with us in all areas, including overcoming some significant project challenges that were not of their making. They achieved very good productivities with low rework required through the job.

Spiecapag were very focused on working with the local stakeholders and delivered against the project commitments for time, cost and importantly for us our local commitments for indigenous jobs and contracts. All stakeholders were very positive about their performance during the project. Through the performance of the works they demonstrated a good safety performance, with a very supportive management focus and no LTIs.

The terrain required a high level of attention to the rehabilitation of the ROW to minimise future impacts, and the level of reinstatement was excellent. We would definitely consider Spiecapag for any future work we have.”
                                                                                                                                                                           Paul Bilston, Pipeline Project Manager – Northern Gas Pipeline Project


Video overview of the projects we completed in 2018

You can download a print-friendly overview of our capabilities here.


Metronet Project / NEWest Alliance / Perth

Spiecapag were engaged by Metronet to relocate a 12km section of the DN300 BP KWOL, an oil pipeline in Perth Western Australia. This project consisted of over 60 land access interfaces, 100 service crossings and 13 horizontal directional drills. The project was completed in Q1 of 2023.


Atlas Lateral Pipeline / Jemena / Surat Basin Queensland

Construction of a 60km x DN300 high-pressure gas pipeline, connecting the new Atlas compression station to the existing Darling Downs Pipeline.

Spiecapag worked with Jemena through an “Early Contractor Involvement” process (ECI) to optimise the pipeline route, finalise the design and obtain project approvals. Works on site began in June 2019 and are on track to finish ahead of schedule in early October. Our mainline crews were able to average 2.5km/day, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

As principal contractor, Spiecapag was responsible for all construction aspects of the project – including survey, clear & grade, pipe handling, trenching, welding, lowering in, testing and rehabilitation. Construction of the pipeline required 38 special crossings (including 16 live gas pipelines and 4 roads) which were completed safely and efficiently by our dedicated crews.


Compressor Relocation / Santos / Cooper Basin Queensland

Relocate two existing Enerflex compression packages for re-installation with new auxiliary equipment and piping connections near Ballera, about 1,100km west of Brisbane.

This project required the isolation and disconnection of two-stage reciprocating compressors involving major lifts with a 250T crane, from approximately 35km north east of Ballera, followed by their transportation, and installation at the new site, 70km east of Ballera. Modifications to the existing manifold piping arrangement were also required, and, with our joint venture partner, we were responsible for testing of the newly installed system, including hydro, loop, functional and welding testing.


Phillip Creek Compressor Station Interconnectors to AGP and NGP / Jemena / Northern Territory

Spiecapag constructed the interconnectors required to complete the final tie-in works at the Phillip Creek Compressor Station. The scope included installation of the 100m interconnect line from the compressor to the APA Amadeus Gas Pipeline (AGP) and 150m interconnect line to the newly installed Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP). The scope also included above-ground pipework and the fabrication of pipe storage racks.


Northern Gas Pipeline / Jemena / Queensland

142km of pipeline connecting gas-producing fields in the Northern Territory to Australiaís East Coast gas market via Mt Isa in north-west Queensland.

The project was originally planned to be built around the wet season, with 93km scheduled to be completed before the wet season, and the remainder as part as a remobilisation in March. Due to early access and high productivity rates, Spiecapag safely completed all mainline construction activities prior to the Christmas period, avoiding the need for the 2nd mobilisation in March. Working in a remote part of Queensland, Spiecapag engaged extensively with local businesses, including indigenous communities, where job-specific training was delivered, leading to 24% of our workforce coming from indigenous communities.

Click here to download the Project Summary Brochure NGP-AUS


Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion / APA / New South Wales & Victoria

165km of gas looping pipelines, crossing hundreds of rural and semi-rural properties in NSW and Victoria, entirely constructed within the easement of an existing live, high pressure pipeline.

The project was the third phase of a $200 million proposal to enable more gas to flow into NSW from existing supply basins by expanding the Victorian infrastructure and to alleviate supply pressures by flowing gas in from other sources. Working for over 600,000 man hours without a single lost time injury (LTIFR = 0), we constructed 95km of 400mm Outside Diameter (OD) pipe in Victoria, and 70km of 450mm OD pipe in NSW. Overall the project consisted of 7 Loops, 2 of which are in NSW and 5 in Victoria.

Click here to download the Project Summary Brochure VNIE-AUS


Eastern Goldfields Pipeline / APA / Western Australia

293km of gas pipeline across the Great Victorian Desert from Murrin Murrin to two offtakes, one at KP83 and the second at KP293 in a region 12 hours drive north-east of Perth.

Spiecapagís scope of work included all construction elements of the gas pipeline from clear and grade to re-instatement. The works included operating multiple workfronts, each delivering 5km of productivity per day on average to achieve project schedule. The project was delivered early at both off take points, enabling early commissioning and gas up of the pipeline, with no time lost due to injuries (LTIFR = 0). Proactive environmental practices on the project resulted in the team being awarded industry environment awards for excellent fauna management.

Click here to download the Project Summary  Brochure – EGP


QCLNG  Northern Trunklines / BG Group (Shell) / Queensland

167km of buried high-voltage electricity cables, 54km of gas pipelines and 25km water trunklines in central Queensland.

The project was a brownfield development and the construction was made more complex by the high number of trenches in the same working width: one particular stretch of right of way had seven trenches running in parallel which gave rise to challenges with work area management and simultaneous operations. The project successfully delivered 155 crossings of road, water courses, or existing pipelines, and was recognised with awards for its safety performance, resulting in zero lost time injuries (LTIFR = 0).

Click here to download the Project Summary Brochure QCLNG – Trunkline North


6 April 2020

And…the award goes to…our very own Phil Woodhouse!

Congratulations to Phil Woodhouse, Spiecapag’s Health & Safety Manager, for taking out the Overall Winner prize at APPEA’s photography competition!

Phil took the photo in the very early morning during the construction of the Atlas pipeline near Wandoan in Queensland. The project, which Spiecapag completed in Q4 2019 for Jemena and its client, Senex Energy Limited, has since delivered key gas supply into the eastern Australian gas market.

Phil’s photo took top honours in the hotly contested inaugural In.Site Photographic Award, judged by the Hon Sussan Ley MP, Australia’s Minister for the Environment, Jules Lund, media personality and Founder of TRIBE, and Andrew McConville, CEO of APPEA, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, and Australia’s peak oil and gas industry body. When announcing the award, Andrew noted that “one thing he said really resonated with the judges: “A full pipeyard on a project represents that the construction journey is about to begin, there is a sense of anticipation, optimism and excitement. I wanted to share this photo because it shows the pipeyard in a new and unique light, under the stars before it becomes part of the underground picture.

Pipes in Space - Spiecapag's Atlas project, Wandoan, Queensland.

In his longer interview with APPEA and the Qantas magazine, Phil noted that:

“Wandoan, in Western Queensland, provides a stunning sunset and an even more impressive display at night. This natural beauty often goes unseen. I wanted to promote our work as well as the beauty of Queensland’s outback. I am very fortunate to have a job that allows me to make a difference, and where I am encouraged to use creative methods to promote health and safety. Spiecapag encourages us to innovate, so I have been able to fuse my passion for photography with my career, to better communicate our messages.

The oil & gas industry is at the forefront of safety innovation, and that is what keeps a business agile and competitive; I love being a part of it. The industry also provides massive opportunities like employment in local towns, and infrastructure to allow Australia to export and import. In my case, it also allows me to capture some of the beauty in places many of us don’t get to see.”

12 February 2020

Contract Award Mardi to Warnervale

Central Coast Council has awarded the contract for construction of the Mardi to Warnervale Pipeline to joint venture partners Spiecapag Australia and Seymour Whyte. The nine-kilometre pipeline is one of the NSW region’s most significant infrastructure projects and will boost water supply to Central Coast’s rapidly growing northern suburbs and improve water security for the entire region.

John Walsh, Spiecapag’s Managing Director, noted “We look forward to successfully delivering this project for Central Coast Council, and to working alongside our sister company, Seymour Whyte. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate how the capability and strength of the VINCI Construction group can deliver value for local communities. We look forward to building a collaborative approach with the Central Coast Council, alongside Seymour Whyte as our JV partner”.

Steve Lambert, Seymour Whyte’s General Manager – Southern, said, “This is a very important contract for us as it will be the first pipeline contract delivered solely by a VINCI Construction companies joint venture; and demonstrates our continued growth in the strategic water infrastructure sector.”

29 October 2019

Completion of the Atlas Gas Pipeline

Spiecapag has successfully completed the construction of the Atlas Gas Pipeline for Jemena. Spiecapag is proud to have constructed this key piece of infrastructure for Jemena and deliver on our commitment to build this Project to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.



30 August 2019

Can U Dig It Campaign

As part of Spiecapag’s continual improvement and commitment to safety, we completed the training element of the Can U Dig It campaign. This internal campaign was aimed at up-skilling the Special Crossing crew that will be dealing with the QGC assets. The internal training component included a practical dig exercise to expose a buried service, as well as using the auger borer attachment to drill under an dummy asset. This training was an opportunity to test the competency of the operator and spotter, but to also ensure the intended process reflected reality. The management team onsite have been leaders in allow this to happen and it’s a credit to their attitude towards safety and compliance.



3 June 2019

AIE awards Port Kembla Gas Terminal contract to Spiecapag in a joint venture with sister company Soletanche Bachy

AIE (Australian Industrial Energy) awarded the Port Kembla Gas Terminal contract to the SpiecapagBachy Soletanche Australia JV. Australia’s first LNG import terminal, the Port Kembla Gas Terminal is an important piece of the Australian energy puzzle, by securing ongoing low-carbon gas supplies for NSW.

Leveraging the strengths of the Vinci Group, with proven experience building LNG terminals internationally, Spiecapag formed a joint venture with its sister company Soletanche Bachy (the SCSB JV) to deliver this milestone project for AIE and its shareholders, Squadron Energy, Marubeni and JERA.

AIE Port Kembla Gas Terminal – contract award

Media release: AIE award for Port Kembla Gas Terminal 

Planning design is underway for the Port Kembla Gas Terminal, and construction will commence immediately after the AIE joint venture partners complete their Final Investment Decision, which is expected later this year. The project represents a $250m investment and will provide opportunities for local businesses and their employees to work as subcontractors to the JV on this landmark project.

Keith Walker, Project Director of AIE said: “The Port Kembla Gas Terminal is progressing strongly and is attracting the best of the best on all fronts. Our selection of SCSB as prime contractor is no exception and we look forward to them bringing their expertise together with the capabilities of the Illawarra region to deliver this most important of projects.

John Walsh, Spiecapag’s Managing Director said: “We’re very pleased to be working on such a strategically important project for NSW. Part of our DNA is to work with local businesses, and we look forward to exploring opportunities for local contractors to also play a part in Australia’s first ever LNG import terminal once we start construction in the second half of the year.

Jean Luc Gobert, Soletanche Bachy International’s President said: “We’re very excited to be part of this challenging and strategic project which combines our strong local footprint with our global, extensive port experience.

3 December 2018

PNG brings opportunity and challenges

Spiecapag was proud to be a lead sponsor of the 15th PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney. Fascinating conversations with both project proponents, shareholders, PNG government and customary landholders. We look forward to future opportunities in PNG.





17 October 2018

Spiecapag completes interconnections to Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP)

Spiecapag recently completed a unique package of works at the Phillip Creek Compressor Station (PCCS) as part of Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline Project. Our scope included construction and pre-commissioning of the pipework and tie-in welds interconnecting the PCCS to both the Amadeus Gas Pipeline and Northern Gas Pipeline, mainline launcher assembly and riser, and pipe storage bolster racks. We proudly delivered this critical scope of work safely and to program, which represents another great effort from all our workforce involved. 



20 August 2018

Getting behind the men and women on our sites, Spiecapag donates to charity Mates in Construction

Spiecapag staff presenting a cheque to Mates in Construction for the funds raised by the Spiecapag team when participating in the recent Brisbane Marathon Festival. A special thanks to all of the sponsors who dug deep for a great Aussie cause. 




17 August 2018

Spiecapag completes the last weld on Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP)

Spiecapag has completed the final weld on the NGP project, and now … there is a continuous pipeline from the Northern Territory to Queensland and the East Coast gas market!


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